This is a post about Truegame, an online gaming solution based on blockchain technology.

First thing when considering a potential new coin, is to take a look at the white paper.

So I did, and you can do that too. It’s here:

Should I say, it appeared to a be a well written professional document. In the following we will see what are the main features and advantages of this token.

What TrueGame aims to solve the trust issues present in the online gaming industry. If one can use blockchain technology to solve the trust problem and put the gamers’ minds at ease, they would be able to better concentrate on their game.

TrueGame is exactly what makes this possible. Here is how.


  1. TrueGame does so by using smart contracts on top of the blockchain. The trust is displaced into the blockchain algorithm, which is infallible when it comes to enforcing the terms of the agreement. No middlemen are needed, nor does one need third party intermediaries. The project is open source, so you can check it on your own to ensure there are no back doors or other non-transparent parts.
  2. Players no longer have to trust the game manager blindly.
  3. The randomness is also enforced by this technology, making sure that only truly random numbers are drawn, void of any manipulation.
  4. All transactions are recorder to the public ledger of the blockchain, ensuring total transparency.
  5. The blockchain enables much more security. There is no central ledger that can be easily hacked, manipulated, or changed. The ledger is now decentralized, making it virtually impossible for anyone to interfere.

There are some games that already run on their platform. See the image below:

There are also some lotteries, as well as a number of games in a preparatory phase.

This proves the applicability and real use-case of TrueGame, which presently are virtually non-existent in the majority of other block chain-solutions.

Some of the benefits of this system include:

TrueGame is already a stable working product Here are some advantages over the other solutions of this type.

  1. Strong development team.
  2. Ready to accept a wider audience.
  3. Potential for rapid growth.
  4. Unique architecture, design, and content.
  5. Only scratchcards solution based on blockchain smart contracts so far in the world.

What lies ahead are deposits in fiat money and crypto-currencies (DASH, Litecoin, DOGE and others), expanding the game pool, mobile applications, and eventually exchange listings for their TGAME token.

The Team

The Team is probably one of the most important aspect of any blockchain solution. The team of developers and advisers behind TrueGame is really fantastic. I suggest you visit their website and check the people involved in this project.


TGAME is the corresponding token which runs the TrueGame platform. It is used in a form of deposit to bet and play games. It ensures the transparency of the games.

The main sale is live now and you can join the ICO. You can visit their website and buy your TGAME by clicking on the link below now:


I’m not a gamer myself, but if you are an investor, of if you like playing games, this is one token worth considering. It trumps any other similar token in this industry in every respect. If you are not convinced by now, check this chart:

The iGaming industry has always been an early adopter of any new technology. Blockchain technology is no exception. We think Truegame is one of the frontrunners that can easily scale their project and capture a large portion of the gaming market.

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Whitepapper: whitepaper_en.pdf

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