SKYFchain is a unique platform in the cryptocurrency world.

It is is the first blockchain based system that connects Businesses on one side, and Robots on the other. It is oriented toward unmanned cargo robotics, especially airborne cargo robots – SKYF drones.

Cargo logistics is a complex industry that currently very much relies on the human factor. But the future definitely lies in the domain of unmanned logistics. In order for such a system to be effective, it is necessary to eliminate the mediators, which in some cases can be numerous.

Blockchain technology is ideal to deal with this problem. By its very nature, it makes the whole process mediator free, and many times more efficient.

This platform will utilize SKYFT tokens, special ERC20 type tokens that run on top of the Ethereum Blockchain (in the first phase). SKYFchain will release a total of 1,200,000,000 tokens, which will help facilitate transactions on the blockchain. As ERC20 coins, they can be freely traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.

For the future investors, it is important to know that SKYFT tokens follow the SEC rules and are SEC compliant. Moreover, the SKYFchain team has submitted an application for exemption of their tokens as securities to the SEC.

SKYFT token holders will have a possibility to earn 25% commission from the transactions on the blockchain.

In addition, as the platform grows, more and more participants are expected to enter the network. Given that the number of tokens is fixed, this ensures that the value of the SKYFT tokens will increase in time, proportionally with the system growth.

The main token sale has already started. You can click on the link below if you want to get some SKYFT tokens:

The SKYFchain blockchain is an immutable public ledger that will store all events that happen between cargo robots and the supply chain. All interaction on the blockchain will happen in the form of smart contracts, which ensures that there is no need for intermediaries or additional third parties.

The second phase will require creating a private permissioned blockchain (either by forking the ETH network or by switching to a new blockchain), as opposed to the public Ethereum network. This is necessary to improve scalability and efficiency.

The first autonomous robots are already set to be used on this platform. The SKYF cargo robot is an autonomous drone capable of carrying load of 400 kg and having a range of 350 km. SKYF robots will use the blockchain on behalf of various logistics companies world wide. By the end of 2018, the number of drones in operation will be 10, only to increase to 4600 by 2022.

SKYFchain has a great team of experts, with Alexander Timofeev, from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Latvian State University in Physics, as their founder and CEO. For more details check out their whitepaper here.

The company has already strong links with other companies in the logistics industry, like Syngenta AG, Avgust Crop Protection, Rusagro Group, Prodimex Group, NGK Slavneft, Pony Express, and others.


With a unique idea to combine drone technology and blockchain networking, SKYFchain is a very promising new platform. As with any new ICO, it remains to be seen what the rate of development is going to be. SKYFchain has a great team of developers and experts, which represents a solid foundation for growth and realization of the projected goals.

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