Chainium is a project coming from Liechtenstein, a small country in the European Union. They aim at improving the today’s equity market, and given the new technological advancements, the time seems right to build it anew.

You can read more about Chainium, on the internet, on their website Make sure you check their whitepaper business documentation, but also the technical part and the part related to security.

The motto of this company is:

The Equity Market is Broken

Let’s Start Again

The intent of this company is to open the equity market to the public. They want to create a new platform that will offer companies a secure ecosystem for raising capital. Blockchain technology with its smart contract mechanism will provide the best possible support, and all transactions will be based on their native token.

The advantage of using blockchain is that there’s no centralized authority validating the ledger, because the trust mechanism is inherent in the blockchain. This creates a direct link between investors and businesses. By removing the middle layers off the market, the fees are substantially lower.

Chainium already completed one round of pre-sale in December last year. This month, Chainium is ready to advance to the next step, which is their main sale. The hard cap of this sale, which is 8 million dollars is due in March. The price of one token, CHX, is related to Ethereum as one CHX=0.00017 ETH. There will be 200 million CHX, and half of the supply will be sold in March.

Any company in need of capital for rapid growth will be able to use CHX as utility token on the Chainium platform. Business owners will have to lock their tokens in a Smart Contract, which will provide a share offer on Chainium. This way, businesses and investors are linked, and at the same time protected from fraud.

From the start of the campaign up to date, the Chainium team has managed to raise as much as $5 million in closed sales. They have a lot of experience in this area, so the risk is well managed. If you are looking for a project with low risks and good prospects, Chainium might be the right choice for your.

Chainium will release an app, based on the blockchain platform, by the end of this year for investors and businesses to buy and sell shares. We were able to find their prototype app already on google play and app store.

Let us recapitulate why you would be interested in Chainium: there’s no middle layer and the fees are greatly reduced, if you are an investor you can buy shares directly from business, business can sell shares directly to investors, and do that for free, without any bank or IPO.


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Whitepapper: business whitepaper

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