The Vena Network works as a platform with two primary functions: to serve as an exchange for tokenized assets and for lending. The Vena Protocol aims at becoming an open standard in the area of financing global digital assets and exchange. Their system is using a decentralized cryptocurrency ecosystem but with improved properties of transparency, security and trustlessness. These important features are realized by using blockchain technology.

Vena has incorporated all the basic pillars of market economy and market competition from the very beginning. There are three basic parts of the Vena Network: a fundamental protocol layer, an agreement layer, and a Luoshi Node. The first layer is a basic layer designed to perform some basic tasks, like registration, configuration, and routing. The first layer enables the agreement layer to hold the actual financial contracts controlled by using smart contracts.

The Luoshi nodes serve as crucial points for tokenization of tangible objects and asset financing. Each Luoshi node has to be certified in its local area for loan operation. It abides by the laws of the state where it is located. The nodes will be able to share orders between each other, matching transactions and making sure there is enough liquidity in the market once the network is fully functional.

The Vena Network is an open source platform with fairly generic architecture and a software development kit (SDK). This design will enable writing and implementing smart contracts in the form of well defined rules for various types of financial activities. Vena will enable lending, trading, asset issuance, wealth management, OTC, exchanges of cryptocurrencies, and other types of financial products. The Vena protocol will include a library of standard smart contracts, including collateral loans, debts, transaction contracts, and decentralized applications. The protocol is secure and free of charge, designed not to favor any party in the system.

The underlying VENA token will be used as an incentive for fair and neutral functioning of the network. One of the aspects of this network will be the ability to make cross chain transactions, connecting their users to other blockchains of similar type.

Vena will function like a DAO type blockchain, which means that consensus on the network will be achieved by decentralized autonomous organization. It will make sure that the protocol is secure and compatible and take care of updates and upgrades.

The team is very representative with vast experience in the areas of blockchain technology development and financial risk management. Their ultimate goal is to release the final working product by the second quarter of 2019 with more than 50 dealers on the platform. In the meantime the team plans to launch global operations in China, Canada, Australia, Russia and in the U.S. They also have plans to start the Vena exchange, software development kit, and test the ecosystem with more than 20 dealers.

The first application of the Vena protocol will be in the areas of collateral lending and OTC trading. Their exchange will deal with both fiat and crypto currencies. The alpha platform with the first Singapore node is currently being tested by about 100 users.

If you are interested in this project, our suggestion is to take a look at their whitepaper linked below. It contains a very detailed record of their platform and a precise description of every facet of their ambitious project.

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SKYFchain is a unique platform in the cryptocurrency world.

It is is the first blockchain based system that connects Businesses on one side, and Robots on the other. It is oriented toward unmanned cargo robotics, especially airborne cargo robots – SKYF drones.

Cargo logistics is a complex industry that currently very much relies on the human factor. But the future definitely lies in the domain of unmanned logistics. In order for such a system to be effective, it is necessary to eliminate the mediators, which in some cases can be numerous.

Blockchain technology is ideal to deal with this problem. By its very nature, it makes the whole process mediator free, and many times more efficient.

This platform will utilize SKYFT tokens, special ERC20 type tokens that run on top of the Ethereum Blockchain (in the first phase). SKYFchain will release a total of 1,200,000,000 tokens, which will help facilitate transactions on the blockchain. As ERC20 coins, they can be freely traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.

For the future investors, it is important to know that SKYFT tokens follow the SEC rules and are SEC compliant. Moreover, the SKYFchain team has submitted an application for exemption of their tokens as securities to the SEC.

SKYFT token holders will have a possibility to earn 25% commission from the transactions on the blockchain.

In addition, as the platform grows, more and more participants are expected to enter the network. Given that the number of tokens is fixed, this ensures that the value of the SKYFT tokens will increase in time, proportionally with the system growth.

The main token sale has already started. You can click on the link below if you want to get some SKYFT tokens:

The SKYFchain blockchain is an immutable public ledger that will store all events that happen between cargo robots and the supply chain. All interaction on the blockchain will happen in the form of smart contracts, which ensures that there is no need for intermediaries or additional third parties.

The second phase will require creating a private permissioned blockchain (either by forking the ETH network or by switching to a new blockchain), as opposed to the public Ethereum network. This is necessary to improve scalability and efficiency.

The first autonomous robots are already set to be used on this platform. The SKYF cargo robot is an autonomous drone capable of carrying load of 400 kg and having a range of 350 km. SKYF robots will use the blockchain on behalf of various logistics companies world wide. By the end of 2018, the number of drones in operation will be 10, only to increase to 4600 by 2022.

SKYFchain has a great team of experts, with Alexander Timofeev, from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Latvian State University in Physics, as their founder and CEO. For more details check out their whitepaper here.

The company has already strong links with other companies in the logistics industry, like Syngenta AG, Avgust Crop Protection, Rusagro Group, Prodimex Group, NGK Slavneft, Pony Express, and others.


With a unique idea to combine drone technology and blockchain networking, SKYFchain is a very promising new platform. As with any new ICO, it remains to be seen what the rate of development is going to be. SKYFchain has a great team of developers and experts, which represents a solid foundation for growth and realization of the projected goals.

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Facebook:  SKYFchain


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Out of all cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets circulating today, only a handful have promising, real life usability. The gaming industry is certainly one of the industries where cryptocurrencies can serve as utility tokens with real life applications.

Meet GLN ICO. GLN stands form Game Loot Network™. Their aim is to revolutionize and improve the entire gaming experience by using the decentralization properties of the Blockchain technology. They aim to do that both for the developers and for the gamers at the same time.

The image below shows the projection of the gaming market from 2016 to 2020.

The Platform

Their platform will provide benefits for the developers to test and build their games much easier and raise funds.

The users of the platform can play and download games, and in addition can earn money (coins) while doing that. They can also decide to become curators and invest certain capital in LOOT coins, which they can later receive back in the form of recurring revenue.

The Ecosystem

By means of the native token, the users of this platform (among the other things) will be able to

  • play tournaments,
  • download games,
  • purchase various accessories in the games they play,
  • generate additional revenue,
  • take part on auctions, and
  • crowdfund the development of new games.

Check out the video below to familiarize yourself with the GLN rewards system:

The mechanism that will take care of the entire ecosystem is called “smart contracts“. The smart contracts will run on the Ethereum blockchain. Why is this important? The usage of blockchain technology, via the smart contracts, eliminates the need of intermediaries and reduce the unnecessary costs. All participants on the network are automatically rewarded based on these digital contracts without the need to trust any of the parties involved.

The Token

The utility token implemented on the platform’s blockchain is LOOT. It is a decentralized form of currency that can be used on the platform or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

As it is also the case with other forms of digital coins, LOOT is designed to be accessed via a password protected wallet. The wallet serves as an interface for using the private key, which enables control over the stored LOOT tokens.

The Roadmap

According to the roadmap, the first version of the virtual world based on the Game Loot Network™ platform will appear August 1st, along with games available for download. By the beginning of November this year, the developers will be able to submit their proposals for new game projects. The users can then choose from among these project and decide whether they would like to fund the developers teams with LOOT tokens in exchange for recurring revenue. The entire 2019. will be reserved for large scale promotion and growing the entire community.

Check out the full roadmap below:

The Team

The team is a very important aspect of every new project that involves cryptocurrencies. Without a good team, it’s not even worth discussing the future value of the project.

And the team involved in the Game Loot Network™ platform is really superb. You can check the biographies of the members of the team in the GLN white paper.

The ICO Details

The public phase of the ICO opens on May 29th and will last for 230 days. The total LOOT supply will be 600 million. So if you haven’t yet considered LOOT as a worthy investment, think again. Chances are the blockchain technology will find one of its earliest real-life application in the gaming industry. And Game Loot Network™ seems to be at the forefront of it all.

The Bottom Line

All in all, if you are just interested in gaming (as a developer or user), GLN ICO is something you should definitely check out and join their Token Sale.

If you are an investor, LOOT is not just another ICO coin you buy and wait to dump after some initial gain. LOOT comes with a usability and functionality in mind. This is one of those coins that you HODL for the long run.

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Whitepaper: gameloot-whitepaper






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This is a post about Truegame, an online gaming solution based on blockchain technology.

First thing when considering a potential new coin, is to take a look at the white paper.

So I did, and you can do that too. It’s here:

Should I say, it appeared to a be a well written professional document. In the following we will see what are the main features and advantages of this token.

What TrueGame aims to solve the trust issues present in the online gaming industry. If one can use blockchain technology to solve the trust problem and put the gamers’ minds at ease, they would be able to better concentrate on their game.

TrueGame is exactly what makes this possible. Here is how.


  1. TrueGame does so by using smart contracts on top of the blockchain. The trust is displaced into the blockchain algorithm, which is infallible when it comes to enforcing the terms of the agreement. No middlemen are needed, nor does one need third party intermediaries. The project is open source, so you can check it on your own to ensure there are no back doors or other non-transparent parts.
  2. Players no longer have to trust the game manager blindly.
  3. The randomness is also enforced by this technology, making sure that only truly random numbers are drawn, void of any manipulation.
  4. All transactions are recorder to the public ledger of the blockchain, ensuring total transparency.
  5. The blockchain enables much more security. There is no central ledger that can be easily hacked, manipulated, or changed. The ledger is now decentralized, making it virtually impossible for anyone to interfere.

There are some games that already run on their platform. See the image below:

There are also some lotteries, as well as a number of games in a preparatory phase.

This proves the applicability and real use-case of TrueGame, which presently are virtually non-existent in the majority of other block chain-solutions.

Some of the benefits of this system include:

TrueGame is already a stable working product Here are some advantages over the other solutions of this type.

  1. Strong development team.
  2. Ready to accept a wider audience.
  3. Potential for rapid growth.
  4. Unique architecture, design, and content.
  5. Only scratchcards solution based on blockchain smart contracts so far in the world.

What lies ahead are deposits in fiat money and crypto-currencies (DASH, Litecoin, DOGE and others), expanding the game pool, mobile applications, and eventually exchange listings for their TGAME token.

The Team

The Team is probably one of the most important aspect of any blockchain solution. The team of developers and advisers behind TrueGame is really fantastic. I suggest you visit their website and check the people involved in this project.


TGAME is the corresponding token which runs the TrueGame platform. It is used in a form of deposit to bet and play games. It ensures the transparency of the games.

The main sale is live now and you can join the ICO. You can visit their website and buy your TGAME by clicking on the link below now:


I’m not a gamer myself, but if you are an investor, of if you like playing games, this is one token worth considering. It trumps any other similar token in this industry in every respect. If you are not convinced by now, check this chart:

The iGaming industry has always been an early adopter of any new technology. Blockchain technology is no exception. We think Truegame is one of the frontrunners that can easily scale their project and capture a large portion of the gaming market.

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Whitepapper: whitepaper_en.pdf

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Chainium is a project coming from Liechtenstein, a small country in the European Union. They aim at improving the today’s equity market, and given the new technological advancements, the time seems right to build it anew.

You can read more about Chainium, on the internet, on their website Make sure you check their whitepaper business documentation, but also the technical part and the part related to security.

The motto of this company is:

The Equity Market is Broken

Let’s Start Again

The intent of this company is to open the equity market to the public. They want to create a new platform that will offer companies a secure ecosystem for raising capital. Blockchain technology with its smart contract mechanism will provide the best possible support, and all transactions will be based on their native token.

The advantage of using blockchain is that there’s no centralized authority validating the ledger, because the trust mechanism is inherent in the blockchain. This creates a direct link between investors and businesses. By removing the middle layers off the market, the fees are substantially lower.

Chainium already completed one round of pre-sale in December last year. This month, Chainium is ready to advance to the next step, which is their main sale. The hard cap of this sale, which is 8 million dollars is due in March. The price of one token, CHX, is related to Ethereum as one CHX=0.00017 ETH. There will be 200 million CHX, and half of the supply will be sold in March.

Any company in need of capital for rapid growth will be able to use CHX as utility token on the Chainium platform. Business owners will have to lock their tokens in a Smart Contract, which will provide a share offer on Chainium. This way, businesses and investors are linked, and at the same time protected from fraud.

From the start of the campaign up to date, the Chainium team has managed to raise as much as $5 million in closed sales. They have a lot of experience in this area, so the risk is well managed. If you are looking for a project with low risks and good prospects, Chainium might be the right choice for your.

Chainium will release an app, based on the blockchain platform, by the end of this year for investors and businesses to buy and sell shares. We were able to find their prototype app already on google play and app store.

Let us recapitulate why you would be interested in Chainium: there’s no middle layer and the fees are greatly reduced, if you are an investor you can buy shares directly from business, business can sell shares directly to investors, and do that for free, without any bank or IPO.


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Whitepapper: business whitepaper

Disclaimer doesn’t provide predictions, recommendations or consulting advice with respect to investment decisions. None of the posts and content on is investment advice. No information given on should be considered a replacement for advice from a certified financial planner. The visitors are encouraged to turn to independent professional services before making any investment decision. The reviews given on this website are based on publicly available documents, such as whitepapers, reports, roadmaps, and project websites. Please do your own due diligence before making any decision regarding ICO or Cryptocurrency investing.