NOIZ Chain is a new type of ad network that uses blockchain technology to connect advertisers, publishers (content creators), and consumers.

If you have ever been a participant of any ad network, you know how big the problem of false clicks and invalid impressions can be. Advertisers may lose thousands of dollars, whereas publishers are often accused of cheating and improper conduct, even though the problem may lie elsewhere.

In additions to the above problems, ads are being looked at with contempt by the consumers. In some cases rightly so because users data is being collected and even sold without consent. Fake ads are also being used to mislead customers.

What if blockchain technology can be used as a solution to the above problems.

That’s exactly what NOIZ Chain is – a secure, decentralized Ad Network that uses the blockchain in combination with artificial intelligence proposes.

NOIZChain works on a solution to the above problems that can be based on using a new type of blockchain.

Rather than using permissionless blockchain, NOIZ Chain plans to use permissioned blockchain. This switch is primarily a move needed to protect the privacy of the users data.

What are the benefits for the users, advertisers, and publishers?

By using the NOIZ Chain platform, advertisers can be sure that there won’t be any fraudulent clicks because the customers and users will be incentivized to engage in sales and conversion willingly. This will result in socially responsible advertising campaigns.

Check out the principle how this interaction could work in the following example:

The native token on the platform will be the NOIZ token, built as an ERC-20 token on top of the Ethereum platform. Currently, Ethereum is powered by a Proof of Work algorithm, to be replaced by Proof of Stake in the near future. The NOIZ token will be designed a separate HyperLedger protocol build on top of the ETH network.

The below scheme explains the NOIZ token economics.

Advertisers will purchase tokens which will be used for ad placement on the publishers platform as well as for user engagement. On the other side, publishers will receive NOIZ tokens for renting their advertising space, while consumers will be awarded tokens for their engagement with the ads.

In conclusion, NOIZ Chain is a promising platform that has the potential to revolutionize the ad publishing industry. It has a great team of experts and advisers with a detailed long-term roadmap.

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