Calfin Global Crypto Exchange (CGCX in short) is not just another classical crypto-exchange platform.

It is positioned as a hybrid platform that offers a huge variety of services to institutional investors, traders, and everyday users.

It has issued its own CGCX token on top of the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token with smart contract capabilities. A total of 2 billion tokens will be issued, with half of the supply being offered to the public in their ICO. The price of one CGCX token is 0.000117647 ETH.

The users of the CGCX exchange will be able to trade a large number of trading pairs, with focus on the ease of buying and selling cryptocurrencies as well as excellent user experience.

The CGCX token will have a real utility value which, given the limited supply, will increase its value as time goes by. The token will also serve as a means of voting on the altcoin listing, while holders of the token will have the benefits of lower exchange fees.

Unique Features

Unlike many current exchanges which are totally nontransparent when it comes to new crypto inclusions, CGCX will be fully transparent via their Alt Token Listing.

The alt token listing will be a transparent process of voting for future tokens to be included on the exchange. Auditing firms and cryptocurrency experts will suggest valuable tokens and crypto-currencies and users and holders of CGCX coins will vote for their favorites.

A special emphasis will be put on the stability and scalability of CGCX. With more than one million simultaneous orders per second, the capacity of this exchange will be really complementary.

Another important aspect of this exchange is their Merchant Solutions. This is a service offered to online merchants that can start accepting payments in cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin BTC, ethereum ETH, CGCX token, and others, with a few easy steps. For that, CGCX has provided web and mobile apps. It is available both for IOS and Android mobile operating systems.

The CGCX platform is going to have a liquid, populated, dynamic order book across all their digital asset. This will enable easily entering and exiting for all traders.

Behind this platform there is a strong team of experts and developers. The CEO is Anandh Swami, a tech expert and veteran fund manager with extended experience in this field.

Calfin Global Crypto Exchange has already established strong links with potential partners, such as: Calfin Capital, Brandshark, Zibbit Labs, Calfin Fintex, Foxtail Marketing, CrowdCreate, ROQ Crypto, and others.

Check out their Frequently Asked Questions with excellent tips and explanations on many possible dilemmas and topics.

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