There are numerous trading platforms dedicated to cryptocurrency trading, but not many of them have unique features and quality services they can offer to their users. In order for a crypto-exchange to succeed in the current market situation, it has to be able to attract users with their excellence, service, value, technology, security, and characteristics.

Meet Becent.

Becent is a new and promising trading platform with potential to become one of the best modern exchanges in the cryptocurrency world. It is aimed at the new class of assets and digital cryptocurencies emerging every day, and has the potential to greatly expand the insvestment market.

Some of the features that will set this exchange apart from the similar crypto exchanges is the increased security, technical superiority, modern architecture, huge availability of assets, and perfect audit mechanism for listing of new projects.

The Becent Technology and Security

Becent has a great team of developers. People behind Becent know that a good exchange has to be bulletproof against hacking and other types of attacks as well as to be scalable and offer dividend to its users. The team has to be professional and able to provide protection on multiple levels. The team is also aware that the architecture of the platform together with the mechanism of listing new projects are very important aspects of any exchange.

With regard to security, Becent will provide multiple levels of security. Using advanced algorithms, the platform will be able to resist DDoS attacks. There will be a separation between the front-end, back-end, and database layers.

A special attention will be given to utilizing hot and cold wallets, as well as real time security scanning.

Becent is a trading platform that enables the users to become co-owners by sharing its dividend. As much as 80 percent of the revenue will be shared between the depositors. This is something really unique and contrast the usual pratice of many more traditional trading platforms we can see today.

What is also really unique with the Becent exchange is the return of the transaction fees to the users. The totality of the transaction fees is redistributed to the users every hour in a form of bitcoins.

The Becent Token

The Becent platform will issue an ERC20 token, named Becent Token (BCT). It will be based on the Ethereum network and it will be a central unit of exchnage and reward on the platform. Each user will be getting a certain portion of BCT for participating on the exchange, including registering, referring new users, transaction fees, and divident allocation. The more BCT tokens a user has the greater the reward in BCT tokens will be.

becent roadmap

The characteristics of this token will be as follows:

Total supply: 10B BCT.
Ticker: BCT
Type: ERC-20

Additional Services

The exchange will enable not only regular trading between the cryptocurrency pairs. There will also be leverage trading, secure loans allocation, and investment of digital assets.

The Becent exchange composite index will be delivered from appropriate indicators, including liquidity, scale, and market value of the digital assets.

The Bottom Line

If you show interest in this project, you should take a look at the project’s whitepaper, website, and social media platforms, which we link below. In conclusion, Becent has a competent team of developers and strong partners.
becent team

Useful links:

Facebook: becentofficial
Twitter: becentofficial
Bitcointalk username: butka
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