Despite the rapid growth of the blockchain technology, we are still in its early phase when it comes to using different payment system based on cryptocurrencies.

Technological challenges can be quite overwhelming for some people, but what if you could use cryptocurrencies for online purchase without any security problems. Part of the problem lies in the high volatility associated with the price of many cryptocurrencies. What if you could use this new technology without concerns and with confidence?

Meet Payera.

Payera is an online payment platform with Integrated Multipurpose Store. It has a fully functional wallet and at the same time it serves as a cryptocurrency exchange. It provides a safe environment and serves as an online portal for e-commerce applications where both buyers and sellers can operate with ease.

An important segment of the Payera platform is Shopera.

Shopera is a integrated online shopping portal. The sellers can use it to promote their product and the buyers can purchase goods and stocks and make payments with crypto-currencies.

Another benefit for the users of this platforms is Cardera. Cardera is a MasterCard paying system for cryptocurrencies for the Payera platform. It can be used just like any other credit card for online and offline purchases.

The fuel for the Payera platform will be provided by its native token: PARE. PARE is a cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum network, with smart contract capabilities. It is a standard ERC20 token that will be used as a means of exchange and a store of value on the Payera portal.

Payera along with its Shopera and Cardera solutions is an ambitious project that aims at becoming the single largest ecommerce enterprise in the Asian region and beyond. With its great team of developers and advisers, fast and easy transactions, low fees and great security, they already promise to disrupt the current status quo in the today’s traditional e-commerce solutions.

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