miBoodle is an interesting social influencer platform that integrates cryptocurrency as a means of interaction between its users.

If you have heard about Steemit and its publishing reward scheme, miBoodle is something like Steemit only more powerful. It includes other verticals of social interaction, not just publishing.

The aim of miBoodle is to enable sustainable income for its members providing them with tools for online micro-publishing and social interaction. On the other side, large companies, brands, and advertisers can also use this platform to connect to users and pay for their online activity.

Each member can choose to become a publisher, social media influencer, affiliate, invite friends and get paid, or all of the above.

While there are numerous platforms of this type, what makes miBoodle stand out is their use of blockchain technology as an immutable distributed public ledger for transparency and security. In addition, there is an alternative option to use PayPal for payouts.

The members of this platform can lead social media campaigns, wherein miBoodle rewards the influencers with revenue based on the campaign’s performance. One of the examples of this is becoming miBoodle micro affiliate, where the users receive revenue for each new member brought to the platform.

The members of miBoodle will be able to integrate all their current social media networks on the platform, including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others.

Besides, all members will be able to write content and edit the look and feel of their section of the portal. They can distribute their content socially, which increases reach and thereby revenue. Other members will be able to comment, vote, and share the published content.

miBoodle Tokens

miBoodle platform will issue its own ERC20 token, which will run on top of the Ethereum platform. You can check their ICO here. The name of this token will be MIBO and users will be able to buy and sell it on the open market. In addition, the users will be able to mint tokens based on their activity and as revenue on the portal.

Depending on the skill set and level of interaction of the influencers, they will be able to earn up to $14,000.00 per month in miBoodle tokens.

A total of 600 million MIBO tokens will be issued. One third of the total supply will be reserved for the members of miBoodle for minting purposes.

The minting is done as follows: users can mint miBoodle tokens every day in their personal accounts. One token will be minted daily for every $0.56 as earning revenue.

There will be a total of 4 Tiers on the miBoodle platform. Based on their tier level and tokens received members will be able to earn increasingly larger sustainable revenue every month.


If you are a prominent social figure, or if you just like sharing and publishing content, miBoodle could be just the place for you. You can do what you enjoy doing, and earn some tokens (money) along the way. The miBoodle team is strong, which you can check on your own here. And they have already included powerful businesses and online brands as advertisers on their platform.

Useful links:

Website: http://miboodle.com/

Whitepaper: miBoodle-White-Paper_Version-1.9.pdf

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Miboodle

Twitter: https://twitter.com/miboodle

Bitcointalk username: butka

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