Despite the growing number of crypto currency users and the increased adoption rate of crypto currencies in general, the majority of people who own coins or tokens (more than 80 percent) don’t use them as a means of payment, but rather they trade them on the exchange markets, trying to increase their profit margins.

This is a clear indication that a project that can increase the efficiency of the trading process, while minimizing the risks will be in demand in the future.

Meet FTEC.

FTEC is a platform that uses neural networks and AI services for effective trading on the crypto exchange markets.

FTEC will offer their users tools and solutions for

  • improving their trading experience,
  • minimizing the potential risks,
  • improving their strategies, and
  • ultimately boosting their revenue.

But, as all experienced traders know, technical analysis is not enough in these highly volatile markets without following search data trends and social network events. This platform will therefore provide analytics and services regarding these internet signals as well.

In particular, their platform is able to analyze twitter, telegram, and other online networks. Their algorithms are able to filter out words and phrases, such as, update, fork, exchange listing, partnership, etc.

An interesting option includes their arbitrage assistant (in manual or automatic mode), which enables taking advantage of the price difference on different crypto-currency ecxhange markets.

They also have a Cryptoacademy module that users can employ to learn specific cryptocurrency based tools and tricks. In addition, users will be able to instantly get access to API data from all the major crypto exchanges.

A typical problem of this and similar platforms of this type is how to serve all their users once the target sale or buy is established because the price dynamically changes with each transaction on the market. FTEC will solve this problem by introducing a queuing system based on their native token.

In addition, their FTEC token will be used for bonuses and quick transactions.

The developers of this platform are experienced traders and experts in crypto currencies with long term experience.

Check out their roadmap:

The total supply of tokens will be constant (998,400,000 units). The funds collected during the ICO phase will be used to implement the infrastructure of the ecosystem (all the necessary different servers), set up the modules and databases, and prevent malicious attacks on the network.

Judging from the information give on the FTEC website the pre-sale and token sale is currently open and they provide a detailed instruction with regard to this matter.

Don’t forget to check out FTEC’s whiteparper.

You can also examine FTEC’s one pager:

Github repository of this project is accessible at

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