Zixx belongs to the class of cryptocurrencies that employ masternodes as a way to secure their platform. Therefore, to understand Zixx, you have to understand how masternodes work.

Masternodes are, in essence, full nodes operating on the blockchain with additional features that other “non-masternode” systems do not have. Like any other full node, masternodes hold a copy of the entire blockchain, verifying transactions and blocks and contributing to the immutability, privacy, and safety of the cryptocurrency platform.

But masternode can do much more than that. They can make instant transactions, which is not possible with non-masternode crypto currencies. Moreover, the owners of the masternodes have a voting right if the systems is implemented in such a way as to have distributed governance. More information about this currency and how it is used in online casinos at gelbstunter.wordpress.com.

For prospective investors, masternodes provide a way to earn money. In exchange for providing security and robustness to the system, all masternodes share a fixed amount of profit on a regular basis.

With its 80% reward, Zixx is designed from the start to benefits masternode owners.

In order to be able to run a masternode, a certain amount of coins have to be locked and they serve as collateral. With Zixx, you would have to have at least 1,000 coins to run a masternode. As the masternode has to be online 24/7, probably the best solution is to have a dedicated or VPS server.

If the requirements for running a masternode look like too much for your capacity, Zixx is going to offer a shared solution (not yet implemented) with multi-user nodes. The reward will then be split between the users sharing a single masternode. Serious investors may choose to run several nodes at the same time, with a single Zixx address for receiving the total reward.

For mining, Zixx uses the ASIC resistant neoscript algorithm. A total of 5 ZIXX coins will be minted every 2 minutes (every block). A total of 22 million ZIXX coins will ever be issued, limiting the supply which ensures good profitability in the long run. Approximately about 100,000 coins will be issued each month. As much as 10 percent of the block reward will go to the miners, and, as indicated, a whooping 80 percent will be reserved for the MN owners. The remaining 10 percent are set aside for research and development, marketing, charity, and exchange listing.

Zixx Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Zixx is already listed on Cryptopia (centralized ) and Crypto-bridge (decentralized) exchange.

Zixx Mining Pools

If you are a miner interested in mining this Neoscrypt coin, you can join a pool at:

ZergPool: http://zergpool.com/

Gos: https://www.gos.cx/ or

Fairmine: https://fairmine.pro/

How to Install a Zixx Wallet and Receive a Payment

In order to be able to send and receive ZIXX coins, you will have to download and install a Zixx wallet. Currently, you can choose between Windows, Linux, and OSX wallet. After the installation, you just run the wallet and wait until it synchronizes with the network.

In order to find your new Zixx address, you can click on Receive ->Request Payment,

where you can take note of the Zixx address, which looks like this:


If you want to start a masternode, Zixx has made the process super easy. Just click on “Masternodes” in the upper menu. Then you can access a masternode creation wizard. This option will surely be welcomed by cryptocurrency enthusiasts without extensive technical knowledge, or by anyone who would like to try setting up masternodes and playing around with them.

The Bottom Line

With relatively low issuance rate, low supply, and high masternode rewards, this cryptocurrency could be an ideal choice for crypto-enthusiasts who want to enter the masternode business. In parallel to running the cryptocurrency infrastructure, the Zixx team is also devoted to managing charity projects. All masternode holders will be able to vote and have a say in how the charity fund is allocated.

Useful links:

Website: https://www.zixx.org/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZixxCrypto

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZixxCrypto/

Zixx Explorer: http://zixx.org/explorer

Wallet Download: https://www.zixx.org/download-wallet

Discord page: https://discordapp.com/invite/wEtdDz4

Bitgur price index: https://bitgur.com/coin/XZX

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