Vivid is an interesting and innovative cryptocurrency platform. It offers Augmented Reality solutions for trading and peer driven publishing. The Vivid platform will have a lot of options for traditional 2D trading and interactive, augmented reality trading. The platform will have its own VIVID currency as a central part of its ecosystem.

Vivid Coin is a new Proof of Stake (PoS) + Masternodes (MN) cryptocurrency that runs on its own blockchain. Unlike the numerous new Ethereum-based coins, Vivid Coin avoids the usage of the congested, slow, highly centralized and high-fee based ETH blockchain. Rather, it uses its own platform. While Proof of Work (PoW) coins heavily rely on mining nodes to secure their block chain and make it immutable, Vivid uses masternodes in combination with community run PoS nodes.

One of the most notable features of the Vivid platform will be low transaction fees. The developers team aims at average costs of transaction as low as 0.00004 dollars.

The Coin’s Infrastructure

The coin’s infrastructure is built in such a way as to facilitate very fast transaction. The speed of transactions may not be that important in the initial phase of the platform’s life, but as Vivid gains popularity and expands its user base, this feature may become critical.

The platform will issue 30 million coins in 25 years. The current supply is slightly above 3 million coins. Each minute, a total of 5 VIVID tokens are minted and shared between the MN and PoS node holders.

The reward distribution of new coins will in favor of MN holders, with 80 percent of the block reward for the MN and 20 percent for the PoS holders.

The requirements for running a masternode is to own a collateral of 10,000 VIVID coins per MN.

This requirement is not present for the PoS nodes, in which case any coin holder is allowed to stack their coins and earn new coins as a reward for helping to secure and assist the VIVID network.

Installing the VIVID Core Wallet

As the Vivid platform runs on its own blockchain, the users are required to install a Vivid Core Wallet and generate their own addresses for receiving or claiming Vivid coins.

Vivid Wallets are available for Windows (32 and 64-bit), Linux, and OS X operating systems. After downloading the wallet and installing the application, you can find your Vivid Coin address under

“Receive” –> “Request Payment”

Once your coins are visible, you can unlock the staking option.

After installation, make sure you have encrypted and backed up the wallet.dat file (from the directory in which the wallet was installed). This file contains the private key necessary to prove ownership of your Vivid coins.

If you want to run a MN, the Vivid team has prepared a nice step by step tutorial for doing that, in which case you can use a VPS hosting, or you may even use your own personal computer. Note that one of the basic requirements for running a MN is to be connected to the internet 24/7.

The VIVID coin is already listed on the decentralized Crypto-bridge exchange.

It is also listed on the website dedicated to monitoring, reporting and comparing the various MN coins that run today.

The Vivid Block Explorer can be checked out at

The Bottom Line

The Vivid team is preparing their Mobile Android and IOS application called Vivid Trading. It will enable trading and managing cryptocurrency portfolios and its beta release is already available to the participants of their ICO presale.

With 105 currently running masternodes, and a marketcap of slightly over $1 million, Vivid has plenty of room to grow. Compared to the most important MN coin, DASH, and its relatively high costs for running a masternode (currently $235,041), Vivid, with its current costs of $3,048 could be a good solution for people who want to learn how to set up and experiment with their own masternodes.

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