Stipend is a relatively new decentralized platform for hiring people online based on blockchain technology. Their cryptocurrency is Stipend coin (SPD), which can be mined, and if you have a good GPU, the profit can be quite OK. This coin drew my attention as I was looking for a profitable coin for my NVidia GTX 1080 Ti graphic card.

Stipend uses instant payments, low payout fees, staking capabilities of their wallet, master nodes, and other goodies.

My internal mining calculator gave me an approximate estimate which fitted well in what I would expect for a daily return in BTC, so I decided to give it a try.

At this moment, if you go to and you won’t find SPD listed there, simply because it uses an algo called C11. I wasn’t able to find any C11 algorithms over there. But NVidia graphic cards are capable of working very well with this algo, meaning it can be profitable.

So, Stipend is certainly among the coins that are currently very profitable, especially if you are searching for C11 coins to mine.

We all know that these days solo mining is not feasible. You have to mine in a pool unless your hashing power is huge. There are some really good mining pools you can plug your GPU card into and earn come coins almost immediately.

Now if you own an AMD Gpu you would like to choose sgminer, for Nvidia, the best choice is ccminer. C11 resistant to both ASIC and Nicehash, well, at least currently.


Read about the other properties of Stipend on their website. According to their roadmap, the team members will reveal their identities Q3, 2018. Before mining, check also bitcointalk. That’s always a great source of information.

How to Mine Stipend

This guide will be for Nvidia GPU’s. You can probably do something similar with AMD cards and sgminer.

  1. If you want to mine SPD, first thing is to get the official Stipend wallet. For Windows Users you would have to get this wallet from here. Choose the right wallet for the OS you have from their official website. Once the wallet is downloaded, you just run the file called “stipend-qt.exe”). It may ask for some network permissions, and after you allow them, it should start up and connect to the network. In case you have problems connecting the wallet with its nodes on the internet (just like I had) then try this wallet no sync guide.
  2. Let the Stipend wallet load. Then go to Receive in the menu on the left, and make note of your address. That’s all you need need from your wallet at a present time. You would use your address in the steps below to set up your miner. You will also receive the coins you have mined on that address.
  3. Now you have to download the Nvidia miner. For Nvidia GPUs, one of the best miners is ccminer. You can get it from here: Alexis78 build.
  4. Next you need to create a bat file in the same directory where ccminer is located. This is a simple document. You can name it, for example, “my-stipend-start.bat”. Now write a single line of code into this file. The following is a template: ccminer.exe -a c11 -o pool-url:port -u username -p password For example, here I will use as an example the protopool mining pool, and the file should look like this: ccminer.exe -a c11 -o stratum+tcp:// -u SkaiH76hiXTCWuXAA9CftGke3AHU1niEDy -p c=SPDThe part -a c11 tells the software that you intend to mind the C11 algorithm. The part -o pool-url:port is about the mining pool you are going to use and the port number to connect. The port number will be different from pool to pool. Here I selected, I mined there something like less than one day. Feel free to choose any of the SPD pools listed below. They should all give you the same results over time. Select larger pools for greater consistency in payouts. Check the detailed instructions for each pool separately. For example, protopool doesn’t have a login and password. In the password field you are supposed to give the currency you will mine: -p c=SPD. Don’t forget to change the above username to the wallet address you copied in step 2.
  5. Once you have put all important switches in the bat file, save it. You are now ready to start your job. Just double click it and the miner will connect to the pool stratum and start mining.

List of Stipend pools

Here is a list of Stipend pools you may find convenient to start mining. There are many more, but this is enough to get you started: – 1% fee – 1% fee – 0.9% fee – 1% fee

What Graphic Card Should You Use?

C11 coins like Stipend are good for the newest Nvidia Graphic Cards. As for the AMD, you should check the profitability rates, I haven’t tried that myself. In any case, be aware that profitability varies from day to day, even from one hour to the next.

If you currently don’t have a GPU, our recommendation is this GTX 1080 Ti, Nvidia Graphic card.


Once you have your coins in your wallet, you will have to make a decision, whether you are going to stack them or go to an exchange with them. Currently SPD is supported on the following exchanges.


If this post was useful to you, consider tipping some SPD coins to my address, SkaiH76hiXTCWuXAA9CftGke3AHU1niEDy  Happy mining!

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