Bulwark is a privacy oriented cryptocurrency that utilizes a combination of proof of work (PoW) and proof of stake (PoS). If you are like me trying to find new, potentially profitable coins to mine, then you know about sites like whattomine.com and crypto-coinz.net. Bulwark is certainly one of the coins that will appear on those sites as the most profitable ones, especially if you are searching for NIST5 coins.

Of course, when you mine these days, you almost always mine in a pool, as solo mining is not so feasible, that is, unless you have tremendous hashing power. So, you would have to plug you hardware into a mining pool to see rewards pretty immediately.

NIST5 is a crypto algorithm, and Bulwark is one of the nist5 algorithm coins. Other coins include ELECTRA, DENARIUS, FALCON, NAMECOIN and others. This algo tries to be better than the other mining algorithms out there by its low power consumption and low temperature of the graphic card. It also provides good security and performance.

In addition to mining, if you decide to be a coin holder, you may choose to operate a Masternode. It is not easy to do that, but if you manage to run a masternode, you will get a combination of PoW and PoS block rewards. Bulwark is projected to have about 14 million coins by the end of its first year of operation. Block time is 90 seconds and miners are rewarded with 50 coins per block for the first quarter of year one. A total of roughly 3.5 percent of the PoW generated coins were premined to pay for development, marketing and exchange listing.

Read about the other features of this coin on the corresponding website. Make sure to check the team, whitepaper, and github.

How to Mine Bulwark

This is a guide for Nvidia based graphic cards.

  1. If you decide to mine this coin, first thing you would have to do is to download the official Bulwark wallet. Depending on your operating systems you would have to choose different wallets. For example, if you have a Windows 64-bit operating system you would have to download this wallet. You can even find a paper wallet, which is the most secure, but somewhat trickier to work with. Choose the right type of wallet for your OS from the official website. Once downloaded, extract the wallet and run it (on my computer I had to run the file called “bulwark-qt.exe”). It may ask for network permission, which you should normally allow.
  2. Let the wallet load and then go to “File–>Receiving Addresses”, and copy your address. That’s more or less all you need to get from the wallet. You would have to use it later when you set your miner up. After the mining you will also receive your coins on that address.
  3. Now download your miner. For Nvidia GPUs, I have found that one of the best mining option is to use ccminer. That being said, there are many ccminer versions, not all of them suitable for mining NIST5 coins. You could choose any newer ccminer version. One of the best would be the tpruvot ccminer in the Alexis78 build.
  4. Next you should create your start file in the directory where ccminer is. It is a simple text document with the extension “bat”, for example “mystartfile.bat”. All you should do is write a line of code into it, like this: ccminer.exe -a nist5 -o pool-url:port -u username -p password For example, if I were to use bsod.pw mining pool, the file would look like this: ccminer.exe -a nist5 -o stratum+tcp://pool.bsod.pw:3833 -u bbghHkBZrWAgDGz1RRCq5PjDCdYPpbhvau -p c=BWK
    The part –a nist5 tells the miner what algo you are going to mine. The part -o pool-url:port tells the miner about the mining pool you have chosen. Here I selected bsod.pw for no particular reason. Feel free to choose any of the BWK pools indicated below. They should all give you more or less the same results in the long run. If the pool is larger in terms of hashing power, you will see more consistency in the payouts. Make sure you check the fine details too. For example, this particular pool doesn’t have a password, instead you can choose your currency in the password field, like in the example above: -p c=BWK. Don’t forget to change the username to your wallet address, -u wallet-address as well.
  5. Once you have put in all relevant info in this bat file, save it, and you are ready for mining. Just double click this file and ccminer will connect to the pool and start mining.

List of Bulwark pools

Here is a list of pools  you may choose to start your mining adventure along with their current fee structure. There are many more, but this list should be enough to get you started

bsod.pw – 0.9% fee
bulwarkpool.com – 0.5% fee
hashrefinery.com – 1.25% fee
yiimp.masterhash.us – 1% fee
yiimp.poolofd32th.club  – 0.5% fee
umine.org – 0.5% fee

What Graphic Card Should I Use?

NIST5 coins like Bulwark are supposed to be very good for the Nvidia 9xx series. As for the AMD graphic cards, they should give way less hashing power with cards of corresponding price, but I haven’t checked this personally. You should go to whattomine.com enter your graphic card and check the NIST5 Hash rate in Mh/s. Then you may check your profitability with that hash rate for mining Bulwark here. Please note that profitability is a variable that depends on the current difficulty for mining, exchange rate, and other factors. It may change rapidly throughout the day.

If you want currently the best of the best Nvidia mining cards, our suggestion is EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, K|NGP|N edition.


Once you have your coins mined, you might want to exchange them, so the question is where to go. Currently there are four exchanges supporting it. The number will certainly increase in the future.





If you found this guide useful, you may consider donating some BWK coins to my address, bbghHkBZrWAgDGz1RRCq5PjDCdYPpbhvau Happy mining!

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