If you are new to Canon 700D (Rebel T5i), you might be wondering how you would change the aperture on this camera. It is very simple. Just follow the steps below. In fact, it only takes two steps after you switch on your camera.

1. Switch to Aperture Priority Mode Av


Av should be aligned with the small white bar on the left-hand size if you want to enter this mode on your EOS 700d camera.

Av is my favorite modes. It is also very useful. It allows you to control the Aperture as your main free parameter, while the camera is controlling the remaining parameters. The aperture of your camera determines one of the most important factors in photography – the “Depth of field”. For example, if you want to keep the entire scene in focus, you would want to use small aperture (large f Stop numbers).

2. Use the Main Dial While in Av Mode


If you use the main dial (see the photo above, it is marked with red) while in Av mode, you will easily change the aperture size! Just turn it left or right to decrease or increase aperture size. That’s it. The camera will do the rest. Not that you will have full control, but that’s enough control to begin with your journey to the wondrous world of photography.


Useful Resources:

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