If you have a mirrorless camera, and you want to shoot professionally with it, there is a way to do that. At least if you one of the own the perfect palm-sized full-frame SLR Sony cameras (Sony A7). Combining this exciting compact 24.3 MP, 35 mm sensor with a powerful lens? Why not!

The solution is to use the Sony LA-EA4 mount FF Lens Adapter.

If you have used the Sony Alpha 7 before, you know that it can exceed your expectation. But their lens system is not nearly that good. And, more often than not, the lens holds the key to great photography. Bodies come and go, but great lenses remain.

And Sony should learn the lesson and produce some good lenses. In the meantime, to bridge the gap, there is the

LA-EA4 A-Mount to E-Mount Adapter

The adapter is not perfect, but it will do the job. Here are its features:

  • 15-point AF system (3 cross sensors). 
  • Continuous and Single-shot AF Modes
  • With this Adapter you can attach Alpha A-mount lenses to the E-mount full frame or the camera body. You can enjoy continuous full-time Phase Detection AF.
  • It comes with a TTL phase detection system. 
  • It weighs 0.66 pounds.

All in all

If you need a handy adapter that enables you to plug in a huge number of quality Sony A mount and Minolta lenses, LA EA 4 is worth considering. The pros are its lightweight construction and nice look. Suitable for cameras with E or FE mount, like Sony A7 and Sony A 6000. And you don’t have to give up using automatic focus.

The downsides are you won’t have eye focus and AF assist light with it. It can be a little bit slow for the standard of today’s photography. Also, it seems that the built in translucent mirror cuts down light (the manufacturer claims about one third of an f stop). This is not a problem if the day is bright, but if you shoot inside it might be.

This adapter is not very cheap, but for what it offers, it is worth the price. You will be fully compatible with your A mount lenses.

screen-protectorThe A6000 is a great camera and you should consider yourself very lucky if you have one of these little gems.

For this particular type of Sony Camera, there are not so many choices when it comes to screen protection.

But why would you need a protector in the first place?

Well, the answer is simple: to protect the LCD screen.

A friend of mine thought he needed no such thing and guess what? He scratched his A6000 screen on his recent journey to Europe. It was a tiny scratch, but nevertheless, a visible one.


It won’t affect how the camera works, that’s for sure. But it will affect how it looks. And  even if nobody notices, he will know it’s there. So it is much better to prevent such thing from happening in the first place.

If you want to prevent scratches, fingerprints, and dents on your new Sony A6k LCD screen, here is the best method to do so:

Sony PCKLM17 Screen Protect

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This is a Semi Hard Sheet designed for Sony Alpha model A6000. It protects the camera’s LCD screen from damage such as cracks, scratches and fingerprints.

Here are the main features:

  1. Prevents dents, scratches, and fingerprints
  2. Polycarbonate material
  3. Works well with A6000


This version, PCK-LM17, fits great on your Sony A6000. Other versions, such as the PCK-LM1EA, might not work as well.

This is a semi-hard screen protector made for various Sony cameras. In the package you will get the screen protector and also the directions. But the installation is easy enough, so you don’t really need the directions.

Before you do the installation you should clean the screen.

A good choice is the Zeiss lens cleaning wipes. And you can used camera compressed air too.

First use the compressed air and then slowly apply the cleaning wipes. If the wipe leaves some fabric on the screen, spray it again and repeat the process.

Then, peel off the top layer of the protector and then peel of the other side. Make sure there are no specks or dust on the screen protector.

Once the screen protector is there, it will stay forever.

The installation is very simple. Just align it with the LCD screen and slowly go down. Once the protector is down, just rub the edges of the protector back and forth.

It doesn’t affect the quality of the screen. The fit is excellent, and considering the price it is also an excellent investment. It will absorb impact, and prevent scratches on the screen.

Of course, some people choose to buy generic screen protectors in a form of sheets, and then and cut off and trim an appropriate piece that fits the screen of their mirrorless Sony cameras.

Either way, I believe it is not worth the effort and time. It is much better to buy the already prepared model for your Sony A6000 camera.

It will give you a piece of mind for the LCD screen on your A6000.