The original chain (Bitcoin) is created by Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin in an attempt to help people get independent of the banking system and send and receive money without an intermediary. Bitcoin is fully decentralized in that respect.

Bitcoin cash is a hard fork of Bitcoin.

Yes, one can say bitcoin has a number of children, which in the lingo of cryptocurrencies are called forks. One of them is Bitcoin Cash. The others are for example, bitcoin gold, bitcoin diamond, super bitcoin, etc. Some Bitcoin hard forks use the term “Bitcoin” to their name (for marketing or ideological purposes), but there are other coins that don’t use the term “Bitcoin”, like litecoin (LTC).

So BitcoinCash(BCH) is just one of a number of breaks from the original bitcoin(BTC). Bitcoin cash was born on August 1, 2017. What BCH did is change only one parameter with respect to the original: the block size.

The creator of Bitcoin cash was Roger Ver. Since the inception, BCH has achieved a huge marketcap, right next to bitcoin. Had that not happen, it would likely have been left unnoticed.

The maximum block size limit in BTC is eight time larger than that of BTC. BTC uses 1 MB block size, while BCH uses 8 MB block size limit.

This type of irreversible change is what’s known as “Hard Fork” in contrast to a “Soft Fork”.

From that moment on, the original nodes of the bitcoin client don’t support the newly created BCH.

BCH is faster than BTC and some BCH lovers want to call it real Bitcoin. We believe this is not true, as hardly anything can replace the original BTC.

The increased maximum block size required people who wanted to run the so called “full node” on their computers to have specialized hardware. This would essentially mean that only miners and businesses with specialized hardware would be able to keep the full node locally.

The original bitcoin stuck with the original vision to enable all users who are willing to run a full node on their computers to do so.

This insisting on the full node capabilities is important because it is what validates all transactions and the whole chain. It is in line with the original idea of decentralization. As a consequence, most of BCH is in the hands of miners.

Eventually, you would have to judge for yourself. Learn the facts, investigate and don’t listen to people who would like you to believe in their stories. Some cryptocurrencies have strong marketing teams, which is great, but marketing alone is not enough for success.

Bitcoin Cash is being marketed as having fast transactions that cost much less than those of bitcoin. But then again, the number of transactions of BCH hasn’t reached the number of transactions of bitcoin.

What did bitcoin do to speed up their transactions? They introduced a soft fork called “Segwit”, and an off-chain solution called the “lighting network(LN)”.

You should also check the development side of the coins. It seems that the core developers of BCH would have problems keeping up with the huge base that bitcoin development team has.

All things considered, bcash is just another coin in the vast sea of altcoins. That said, I see nothing wrong keeping your bcash if you have some. As long as you know that bitcoin is the original.

At the end of the day, if I could choose, I would always go for bitcoin over bcash. Unless there is some chance to do a fast pump and dump scheme, in which case BCH is equally as valuable as any other altcoin. As a long term strategy I would always choose BTC.


As far as technology is concerned, BCH is equal to BTC minus Segwit minus LN.

As far as the speed of transactions is concerned, BCH is faster than BTC.

As far as the number of transactions are concerned BCH is better equipped than BTC. Bitcoin with its one megabyte chain size limit can allow only about 250,00 transactions in one day. Bitcoin cash with its eight megabyte chain size can manage as many as 2,000,000 transactions per day.

As far as community is concerned, BCH has smaller community than BTC.

If you own both BTC and BCH, be careful not to send bitcoin cash to bitcoin addresses and the other way around. They are now different systems with different wallets, and you may lose your money if you do so. Always double-check what wallet you are using, and to what address you are sending your cash!

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