Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin and other, have many potential benefits when they are used as payment methods. There are significant benefits over the classical means of payment like credit cards, wire transfer, or even cash. In this post we are going to see what the most important benefits are.

To be clear, most of the today’s cryptocurrencies are currently not being used as a means of payment or performing everyday monetary transaction. Or at least not on a grand scale. The reasons are numerous, but probably the most important one is they are not widespread enough. The benefits we are talking about here are given from a principle point of view.

1. No Third Party Involved

The main benefit is you don’t have to have any third parties involved. Just the one you are sending money and you. This is great, but on the other hand, it can be a little bit scary, because if you make a mistake in the process there is no authority to go to and ask for refund.

2. Low Fees

Actually, the first thing you should know about is that the fees are not dependent on the amount of money you are transacting. This means, you can send huge amounts of coins for a very low fee. You can set the actual fee based on the speed you want your transaction to go through. Compared to ATMs, credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, deposits, etc., your fee can be really minimal.

3. Borderless Transactions

The payments are global and borderless. You don’t have to pay any extra fees for oversees transactions. It’s the same charge as when you pay locally. Cross border transactions are usually charged extra when you use the banking system. This is a huge benefit for people working abroad who want to send money to their loved ones at home. Whole industries in the remittance sector are earning a lot of money from poor workers who don’t have other means of sending money cross border.

4. Privacy

You don’t have to give your private information to anybody. You can send money anonymously or semi-anonymously. No ID, or personal info, not even your name or address are necessary. Different cryptocurrencies offer different levels of privacy and anonymity. For example, Bitcoin is not totally anonymous as all transactions are written in a public ledger. Although there are no private data stores, still the transactions can be followed by interested parties and certain information about the sender and receiver can be deduced. On the other hand, Monero and other privacy cryptocoins can offer better protection of your privacy.

5. Mobility

You don’t have to be at home, nor in from of the bank teller to send money. You can use your mobile phone. Just write down the crypto-address of the person you are sending money or use the bar code of that address, and start up your mobile phone to do the transaction.

Cryptocurrencies have many advantages over classical means of payment. In this post we have presented 5 of the greatest benefits of using Bitcoin and other cyprocurrencies. The only obstacle on the road is a wider adoption, but as the technology matures, more and more people jump on board convinced in the usefulness of this new form of payment.

There are numerous trading platforms dedicated to cryptocurrency trading, but not many of them have unique features and quality services they can offer to their users. In order for a crypto-exchange to succeed in the current market situation, it has to be able to attract users with their excellence, service, value, technology, security, and characteristics.

Meet Becent.

Becent is a new and promising trading platform with potential to become one of the best modern exchanges in the cryptocurrency world. It is aimed at the new class of assets and digital cryptocurencies emerging every day, and has the potential to greatly expand the insvestment market.

Some of the features that will set this exchange apart from the similar crypto exchanges is the increased security, technical superiority, modern architecture, huge availability of assets, and perfect audit mechanism for listing of new projects.

The Becent Technology and Security

Becent has a great team of developers. People behind Becent know that a good exchange has to be bulletproof against hacking and other types of attacks as well as to be scalable and offer dividend to its users. The team has to be professional and able to provide protection on multiple levels. The team is also aware that the architecture of the platform together with the mechanism of listing new projects are very important aspects of any exchange.

With regard to security, Becent will provide multiple levels of security. Using advanced algorithms, the platform will be able to resist DDoS attacks. There will be a separation between the front-end, back-end, and database layers.

A special attention will be given to utilizing hot and cold wallets, as well as real time security scanning.

Becent is a trading platform that enables the users to become co-owners by sharing its dividend. As much as 80 percent of the revenue will be shared between the depositors. This is something really unique and contrast the usual pratice of many more traditional trading platforms we can see today.

What is also really unique with the Becent exchange is the return of the transaction fees to the users. The totality of the transaction fees is redistributed to the users every hour in a form of bitcoins.

The Becent Token

The Becent platform will issue an ERC20 token, named Becent Token (BCT). It will be based on the Ethereum network and it will be a central unit of exchnage and reward on the platform. Each user will be getting a certain portion of BCT for participating on the exchange, including registering, referring new users, transaction fees, and divident allocation. The more BCT tokens a user has the greater the reward in BCT tokens will be.

becent roadmap

The characteristics of this token will be as follows:

Total supply: 10B BCT.
Ticker: BCT
Type: ERC-20

Additional Services

The exchange will enable not only regular trading between the cryptocurrency pairs. There will also be leverage trading, secure loans allocation, and investment of digital assets.

The Becent exchange composite index will be delivered from appropriate indicators, including liquidity, scale, and market value of the digital assets.

The Bottom Line

If you show interest in this project, you should take a look at the project’s whitepaper, website, and social media platforms, which we link below. In conclusion, Becent has a competent team of developers and strong partners.
becent team

Useful links:

Facebook: becentofficial
Twitter: becentofficial
Bitcointalk username: butka
Bitcointalk profile link of contributor:;u=1938519

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When it comes to protection of private data, blockchain technology has many advantages. If properly implemented, this kind of solution can offer its users the ability to choose which data are private and which data they may reveal.

The most common consensus mechanisms on the blockchain are Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS). IOVO implements a special kind of consensus mechanism designed as a modified PoS and called Proof of Value (PoV).

The Need to Protect Your Data

With the advancement of the internet, sharing of information has taken a new form. Every gadget, every device we use in our lives can now be connected to every other device.

This interconnectivity implies that a lot of personal information will need to be protected because personal devices, health records, medical data, credit card information, and other sensitive data will be more easily accessible.

Even today when the internet of things is at its beginnings, we can observe similar problems. For example, browser history, shopping habits, and other internet searches are collected and stored by many big internet players. By doing that and by analysing the date, these big companies are capable of serving targeted advertisement. Not to mention the constant demand by the most important social networks for personal data and other info.

IOVO Offers the Solution

Let’s examine how the Internet of Value Omniledger can help with this problem. IOVO is a platform dedicated to protection your private information. As already mentioned it uses state-of-the-art blockchain technology, where the users have full control over what personal information they will make publicly available.

IOVO’s blockchain is of DAG type (Directed Acyclic Graph). This special type of blockchain is already employed in IOTA, Byteball, and a number of newer projects. DAG blockchains don’t require mining, and contain no blocks in the classical sense because each new transaction confirms the previous transactions. IOVO will implement quantum resistant algorithms for better security of the private keys of its users.

IOVO is conceived to be an omniledger, a database that contains and stores value. In that sense, IOVO can be called Proof of Value consensus system with validators that confirm transactions. Moreover, just like in the case of Ethereum, IOVO’s blockchain will offer the possibility of decentralized applications (DApps) that run on top of it. This will enable complex smart contracts to run in parallel with single user applications and large scale organizations.

Individual Users

Individual users will be able to use the IOVO Omniledger anonymously and they will have total freedom to decide what they do with their data. They will be able to decide to share a portion of their information, either free or to monetize this information for a fee.

Large Scale Organizations

Large Scale Organizations will be able to pay for concrete accurate information collected from the individual users. By using the IOVO blockchain, these large scale organizations will be able to brand themselves to a huge number of individuals.


Various DApps will run on top of this blockchain as smart contracts. The DApps will have access to the private data the users have decided to share, enabling the developers of such applications to program software that will solve problems, exchange assets, enable social interaction, provide various types of scoring, or building artificial intelligence programs.

The Bottom Line

When considering a new blockchain ICO, one of the main aspect is how strong the developers team is. The IOVO team is very competent and qualified. The leading team members have already participated in similar ventures related to similar blockchain projects, which certainly instills a lot of confidence.

In conclusion, IOVO, with its novel and very interesting concepts, is currently one of the most promising startups in the crypto space.

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ANN thread:

Bitcointalk profile link of contributor:;u=1938519

ETH address: 0xc8c08cc7486e48030e45cf2ab8235b8f89300951

The Vena Network works as a platform with two primary functions: to serve as an exchange for tokenized assets and for lending. The Vena Protocol aims at becoming an open standard in the area of financing global digital assets and exchange. Their system is using a decentralized cryptocurrency ecosystem but with improved properties of transparency, security and trustlessness. These important features are realized by using blockchain technology.

Vena has incorporated all the basic pillars of market economy and market competition from the very beginning. There are three basic parts of the Vena Network: a fundamental protocol layer, an agreement layer, and a Luoshi Node. The first layer is a basic layer designed to perform some basic tasks, like registration, configuration, and routing. The first layer enables the agreement layer to hold the actual financial contracts controlled by using smart contracts.

The Luoshi nodes serve as crucial points for tokenization of tangible objects and asset financing. Each Luoshi node has to be certified in its local area for loan operation. It abides by the laws of the state where it is located. The nodes will be able to share orders between each other, matching transactions and making sure there is enough liquidity in the market once the network is fully functional.

The Vena Network is an open source platform with fairly generic architecture and a software development kit (SDK). This design will enable writing and implementing smart contracts in the form of well defined rules for various types of financial activities. Vena will enable lending, trading, asset issuance, wealth management, OTC, exchanges of cryptocurrencies, and other types of financial products. The Vena protocol will include a library of standard smart contracts, including collateral loans, debts, transaction contracts, and decentralized applications. The protocol is secure and free of charge, designed not to favor any party in the system.

The underlying VENA token will be used as an incentive for fair and neutral functioning of the network. One of the aspects of this network will be the ability to make cross chain transactions, connecting their users to other blockchains of similar type.

Vena will function like a DAO type blockchain, which means that consensus on the network will be achieved by decentralized autonomous organization. It will make sure that the protocol is secure and compatible and take care of updates and upgrades.

The team is very representative with vast experience in the areas of blockchain technology development and financial risk management. Their ultimate goal is to release the final working product by the second quarter of 2019 with more than 50 dealers on the platform. In the meantime the team plans to launch global operations in China, Canada, Australia, Russia and in the U.S. They also have plans to start the Vena exchange, software development kit, and test the ecosystem with more than 20 dealers.

The first application of the Vena protocol will be in the areas of collateral lending and OTC trading. Their exchange will deal with both fiat and crypto currencies. The alpha platform with the first Singapore node is currently being tested by about 100 users.

If you are interested in this project, our suggestion is to take a look at their whitepaper linked below. It contains a very detailed record of their platform and a precise description of every facet of their ambitious project.

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Vivid is an interesting and innovative cryptocurrency platform. It offers Augmented Reality solutions for trading and peer driven publishing. The Vivid platform will have a lot of options for traditional 2D trading and interactive, augmented reality trading. The platform will have its own VIVID currency as a central part of its ecosystem.

Vivid Coin is a new Proof of Stake (PoS) + Masternodes (MN) cryptocurrency that runs on its own blockchain. Unlike the numerous new Ethereum-based coins, Vivid Coin avoids the usage of the congested, slow, highly centralized and high-fee based ETH blockchain. Rather, it uses its own platform. While Proof of Work (PoW) coins heavily rely on mining nodes to secure their block chain and make it immutable, Vivid uses masternodes in combination with community run PoS nodes.

One of the most notable features of the Vivid platform will be low transaction fees. The developers team aims at average costs of transaction as low as 0.00004 dollars.

The Coin’s Infrastructure

The coin’s infrastructure is built in such a way as to facilitate very fast transaction. The speed of transactions may not be that important in the initial phase of the platform’s life, but as Vivid gains popularity and expands its user base, this feature may become critical.

The platform will issue 30 million coins in 25 years. The current supply is slightly above 3 million coins. Each minute, a total of 5 VIVID tokens are minted and shared between the MN and PoS node holders.

The reward distribution of new coins will in favor of MN holders, with 80 percent of the block reward for the MN and 20 percent for the PoS holders.

The requirements for running a masternode is to own a collateral of 10,000 VIVID coins per MN.

This requirement is not present for the PoS nodes, in which case any coin holder is allowed to stack their coins and earn new coins as a reward for helping to secure and assist the VIVID network.

Installing the VIVID Core Wallet

As the Vivid platform runs on its own blockchain, the users are required to install a Vivid Core Wallet and generate their own addresses for receiving or claiming Vivid coins.

Vivid Wallets are available for Windows (32 and 64-bit), Linux, and OS X operating systems. After downloading the wallet and installing the application, you can find your Vivid Coin address under

“Receive” –> “Request Payment”

Once your coins are visible, you can unlock the staking option.

After installation, make sure you have encrypted and backed up the wallet.dat file (from the directory in which the wallet was installed). This file contains the private key necessary to prove ownership of your Vivid coins.

If you want to run a MN, the Vivid team has prepared a nice step by step tutorial for doing that, in which case you can use a VPS hosting, or you may even use your own personal computer. Note that one of the basic requirements for running a MN is to be connected to the internet 24/7.

The VIVID coin is already listed on the decentralized Crypto-bridge exchange.

It is also listed on the website dedicated to monitoring, reporting and comparing the various MN coins that run today.

The Vivid Block Explorer can be checked out at

The Bottom Line

The Vivid team is preparing their Mobile Android and IOS application called Vivid Trading. It will enable trading and managing cryptocurrency portfolios and its beta release is already available to the participants of their ICO presale.

With 105 currently running masternodes, and a marketcap of slightly over $1 million, Vivid has plenty of room to grow. Compared to the most important MN coin, DASH, and its relatively high costs for running a masternode (currently $235,041), Vivid, with its current costs of $3,048 could be a good solution for people who want to learn how to set up and experiment with their own masternodes.

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Vivid Explorer:



Zixx belongs to the class of cryptocurrencies that employ masternodes as a way to secure their platform. Therefore, to understand Zixx, you have to understand how masternodes work.

Masternodes are, in essence, full nodes operating on the blockchain with additional features that other “non-masternode” systems do not have. Like any other full node, masternodes hold a copy of the entire blockchain, verifying transactions and blocks and contributing to the immutability, privacy, and safety of the cryptocurrency platform.

But masternode can do much more than that. They can make instant transactions, which is not possible with non-masternode crypto currencies. Moreover, the owners of the masternodes have a voting right if the systems is implemented in such a way as to have distributed governance. More information about this currency and how it is used in online casinos at

For prospective investors, masternodes provide a way to earn money. In exchange for providing security and robustness to the system, all masternodes share a fixed amount of profit on a regular basis.

With its 80% reward, Zixx is designed from the start to benefits masternode owners.

In order to be able to run a masternode, a certain amount of coins have to be locked and they serve as collateral. With Zixx, you would have to have at least 1,000 coins to run a masternode. As the masternode has to be online 24/7, probably the best solution is to have a dedicated or VPS server.

If the requirements for running a masternode look like too much for your capacity, Zixx is going to offer a shared solution (not yet implemented) with multi-user nodes. The reward will then be split between the users sharing a single masternode. Serious investors may choose to run several nodes at the same time, with a single Zixx address for receiving the total reward.

For mining, Zixx uses the ASIC resistant neoscript algorithm. A total of 5 ZIXX coins will be minted every 2 minutes (every block). A total of 22 million ZIXX coins will ever be issued, limiting the supply which ensures good profitability in the long run. Approximately about 100,000 coins will be issued each month. As much as 10 percent of the block reward will go to the miners, and, as indicated, a whooping 80 percent will be reserved for the MN owners. The remaining 10 percent are set aside for research and development, marketing, charity, and exchange listing.

Zixx Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Zixx is already listed on Cryptopia (centralized ) and Crypto-bridge (decentralized) exchange.

Zixx Mining Pools

If you are a miner interested in mining this Neoscrypt coin, you can join a pool at:


Gos: or


How to Install a Zixx Wallet and Receive a Payment

In order to be able to send and receive ZIXX coins, you will have to download and install a Zixx wallet. Currently, you can choose between Windows, Linux, and OSX wallet. After the installation, you just run the wallet and wait until it synchronizes with the network.

In order to find your new Zixx address, you can click on Receive ->Request Payment,

where you can take note of the Zixx address, which looks like this:


If you want to start a masternode, Zixx has made the process super easy. Just click on “Masternodes” in the upper menu. Then you can access a masternode creation wizard. This option will surely be welcomed by cryptocurrency enthusiasts without extensive technical knowledge, or by anyone who would like to try setting up masternodes and playing around with them.

The Bottom Line

With relatively low issuance rate, low supply, and high masternode rewards, this cryptocurrency could be an ideal choice for crypto-enthusiasts who want to enter the masternode business. In parallel to running the cryptocurrency infrastructure, the Zixx team is also devoted to managing charity projects. All masternode holders will be able to vote and have a say in how the charity fund is allocated.

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Zixx Explorer:

Wallet Download:

Discord page:

Bitgur price index:

In 2018, huge number of new cryptocurrencies started to use the mechanism of masternodes as a way to strengthen their network. If we compare these coins to algorithms based on the Proof of Work concept, masternodes offer a new way of achieving consensus on the blockchain.

What are Masternodes and How You Can Use Them

Masternodes can also be attractive as assets that generate passive income. In principle, the person who wants to set up a masternode has to purchase a certain amount of coins. The coins that are purchased can be used like a collateral in the process of setting up a node on the network. So, if you hold a certain amount of coins, you are guaranteed passive income as an owner of the masternode on a monthly or yearly basis.

The node has to be online most of the time and communicate with the rest of the network, which usually means setting up a dedicated hosting and installing the necessary software.

Many investors have no clue how to set up and then maintain a masternode. This process often requires technical knowledge, using linux based operating systems with command line interfaces. The system has to be secured against network attacks and other security issues.

But at the end of the day, you don’t have to be a person with technical background to invest in a masternode.

The Masternode Foundation Platform

The Masternode Foundation Services and their specialized (MANO Host) service are designed to help a potential investor to automate the process of creation and maintaining of masternodes.

MANO Host will make it possible for the investors to host masternodes without any previous technical knowledge, experience about the linux operating system, or knowledge related to securing a full node on the blockchain. All that will be possible for as little as $5 with just one click of your mouse.

Besides automation, MANO will offer masternode ranking service, which will be a list of masternode coins where the users can compare virtually all available masternode cryptocurrencies.

Another feature of this platform will be the MANO exchange, which is an exchange with trading pairs of coins that run masternodes.

The MANO Coin

The MANO platform will issue its own native cryptocurrency called MANO. Much like bitcoin, MANO coin is a mineable decentralized currency that will be used as a means of exchange on the MANO network for the services provided by The Masternode Foundation.

MANO is a combined PoW/PoS system with 50 percent of mined coins and 50 percent of masternode coins. So a potential investor will be able to invest in the MANO coin masternode as well.

The proof of work part will utilize the lyra2z ASICS resistant algorithm. A bock on the blockchain will be mined in 2 minutes on average, with 10 MANO received by the miners coins as block reward. As already pointed out, 5 MANO coins will be paid as reward to the miners, and the remaining 5 coins will go to the masternode owners.

The halving of the reward that miners receive will occur once every year. There will be a total of 12.61 million coins ever created. This is a relatively low cryptocurrency supply, even compared to bitcoin’s 21 million, which should ensure high coin prices in the future.

The collateral for the MANO masternode will be 1,000 coins. Given the current market price of the corresponding coin, and the unique concept of this platform, this is an attractive opportunity.

The future plans for developing this platform include establishing a fully operational hosting service with one click setup. This service will be officially launched in October 2018. The launch of the MANO exchange should happen in the beginning next year. The exchange will have partner coins listing, audits, and third party security.

MANO coin is already listed in the Crypto Bridge exchange, which is a decentralized exchange especially supportive of masternode coins.

All in all, The Masternode Foundation platform has an interesting concept, a lot of interesting features and great potential for future growth.

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NOIZ Chain is a new type of ad network that uses blockchain technology to connect advertisers, publishers (content creators), and consumers.

If you have ever been a participant of any ad network, you know how big the problem of false clicks and invalid impressions can be. Advertisers may lose thousands of dollars, whereas publishers are often accused of cheating and improper conduct, even though the problem may lie elsewhere.

In additions to the above problems, ads are being looked at with contempt by the consumers. In some cases rightly so because users data is being collected and even sold without consent. Fake ads are also being used to mislead customers.

What if blockchain technology can be used as a solution to the above problems.

That’s exactly what NOIZ Chain is – a secure, decentralized Ad Network that uses the blockchain in combination with artificial intelligence proposes.

NOIZChain works on a solution to the above problems that can be based on using a new type of blockchain.

Rather than using permissionless blockchain, NOIZ Chain plans to use permissioned blockchain. This switch is primarily a move needed to protect the privacy of the users data.

What are the benefits for the users, advertisers, and publishers?

By using the NOIZ Chain platform, advertisers can be sure that there won’t be any fraudulent clicks because the customers and users will be incentivized to engage in sales and conversion willingly. This will result in socially responsible advertising campaigns.

Check out the principle how this interaction could work in the following example:

The native token on the platform will be the NOIZ token, built as an ERC-20 token on top of the Ethereum platform. Currently, Ethereum is powered by a Proof of Work algorithm, to be replaced by Proof of Stake in the near future. The NOIZ token will be designed a separate HyperLedger protocol build on top of the ETH network.

The below scheme explains the NOIZ token economics.

Advertisers will purchase tokens which will be used for ad placement on the publishers platform as well as for user engagement. On the other side, publishers will receive NOIZ tokens for renting their advertising space, while consumers will be awarded tokens for their engagement with the ads.

In conclusion, NOIZ Chain is a promising platform that has the potential to revolutionize the ad publishing industry. It has a great team of experts and advisers with a detailed long-term roadmap.

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Disclaimer doesn’t provide predictions, recommendations or consulting advice with respect to investment decisions. None of the posts and content on is investment advice. No information given on should be considered a replacement for advice from a certified financial planner. The visitors are encouraged to turn to independent professional services before making any investment decision. The reviews given on this website are based on publicly available documents, such as whitepapers, reports, roadmaps, and project websites. Please do your own due diligence before making any decision regarding ICO or Cryptocurrency investing.

Despite the growing number of crypto currency users and the increased adoption rate of crypto currencies in general, the majority of people who own coins or tokens (more than 80 percent) don’t use them as a means of payment, but rather they trade them on the exchange markets, trying to increase their profit margins.

This is a clear indication that a project that can increase the efficiency of the trading process, while minimizing the risks will be in demand in the future.

Meet FTEC.

FTEC is a platform that uses neural networks and AI services for effective trading on the crypto exchange markets.

FTEC will offer their users tools and solutions for

  • improving their trading experience,
  • minimizing the potential risks,
  • improving their strategies, and
  • ultimately boosting their revenue.

But, as all experienced traders know, technical analysis is not enough in these highly volatile markets without following search data trends and social network events. This platform will therefore provide analytics and services regarding these internet signals as well.

In particular, their platform is able to analyze twitter, telegram, and other online networks. Their algorithms are able to filter out words and phrases, such as, update, fork, exchange listing, partnership, etc.

An interesting option includes their arbitrage assistant (in manual or automatic mode), which enables taking advantage of the price difference on different crypto-currency ecxhange markets.

They also have a Cryptoacademy module that users can employ to learn specific cryptocurrency based tools and tricks. In addition, users will be able to instantly get access to API data from all the major crypto exchanges.

A typical problem of this and similar platforms of this type is how to serve all their users once the target sale or buy is established because the price dynamically changes with each transaction on the market. FTEC will solve this problem by introducing a queuing system based on their native token.

In addition, their FTEC token will be used for bonuses and quick transactions.

The developers of this platform are experienced traders and experts in crypto currencies with long term experience.

Check out their roadmap:

The total supply of tokens will be constant (998,400,000 units). The funds collected during the ICO phase will be used to implement the infrastructure of the ecosystem (all the necessary different servers), set up the modules and databases, and prevent malicious attacks on the network.

Judging from the information give on the FTEC website the pre-sale and token sale is currently open and they provide a detailed instruction with regard to this matter.

Don’t forget to check out FTEC’s whiteparper.

You can also examine FTEC’s one pager:

Github repository of this project is accessible at

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Disclaimer doesn’t provide predictions, recommendations or consulting advice with respect to investment decisions. None of the posts and content on is investment advice. No information given on should be considered a replacement for advice from a certified financial planner. The visitors are encouraged to turn to independent professional services before making any investment decision. The reviews given on this website are based on publicly available documents, such as whitepapers, reports, roadmaps, and project websites. Please do your own due diligence before making any decision regarding ICO or Cryptocurrency investing.

Despite the rapid growth of the blockchain technology, we are still in its early phase when it comes to using different payment system based on cryptocurrencies.

Technological challenges can be quite overwhelming for some people, but what if you could use cryptocurrencies for online purchase without any security problems. Part of the problem lies in the high volatility associated with the price of many cryptocurrencies. What if you could use this new technology without concerns and with confidence?

Meet Payera.

Payera is an online payment platform with Integrated Multipurpose Store. It has a fully functional wallet and at the same time it serves as a cryptocurrency exchange. It provides a safe environment and serves as an online portal for e-commerce applications where both buyers and sellers can operate with ease.

An important segment of the Payera platform is Shopera.

Shopera is a integrated online shopping portal. The sellers can use it to promote their product and the buyers can purchase goods and stocks and make payments with crypto-currencies.

Another benefit for the users of this platforms is Cardera. Cardera is a MasterCard paying system for cryptocurrencies for the Payera platform. It can be used just like any other credit card for online and offline purchases.

The fuel for the Payera platform will be provided by its native token: PARE. PARE is a cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum network, with smart contract capabilities. It is a standard ERC20 token that will be used as a means of exchange and a store of value on the Payera portal.

Payera along with its Shopera and Cardera solutions is an ambitious project that aims at becoming the single largest ecommerce enterprise in the Asian region and beyond. With its great team of developers and advisers, fast and easy transactions, low fees and great security, they already promise to disrupt the current status quo in the today’s traditional e-commerce solutions.

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miBoodle is an interesting social influencer platform that integrates cryptocurrency as a means of interaction between its users.

If you have heard about Steemit and its publishing reward scheme, miBoodle is something like Steemit only more powerful. It includes other verticals of social interaction, not just publishing.

The aim of miBoodle is to enable sustainable income for its members providing them with tools for online micro-publishing and social interaction. On the other side, large companies, brands, and advertisers can also use this platform to connect to users and pay for their online activity.

Each member can choose to become a publisher, social media influencer, affiliate, invite friends and get paid, or all of the above.

While there are numerous platforms of this type, what makes miBoodle stand out is their use of blockchain technology as an immutable distributed public ledger for transparency and security. In addition, there is an alternative option to use PayPal for payouts.

The members of this platform can lead social media campaigns, wherein miBoodle rewards the influencers with revenue based on the campaign’s performance. One of the examples of this is becoming miBoodle micro affiliate, where the users receive revenue for each new member brought to the platform.

The members of miBoodle will be able to integrate all their current social media networks on the platform, including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others.

Besides, all members will be able to write content and edit the look and feel of their section of the portal. They can distribute their content socially, which increases reach and thereby revenue. Other members will be able to comment, vote, and share the published content.

miBoodle Tokens

miBoodle platform will issue its own ERC20 token, which will run on top of the Ethereum platform. You can check their ICO here. The name of this token will be MIBO and users will be able to buy and sell it on the open market. In addition, the users will be able to mint tokens based on their activity and as revenue on the portal.

Depending on the skill set and level of interaction of the influencers, they will be able to earn up to $14,000.00 per month in miBoodle tokens.

A total of 600 million MIBO tokens will be issued. One third of the total supply will be reserved for the members of miBoodle for minting purposes.

The minting is done as follows: users can mint miBoodle tokens every day in their personal accounts. One token will be minted daily for every $0.56 as earning revenue.

There will be a total of 4 Tiers on the miBoodle platform. Based on their tier level and tokens received members will be able to earn increasingly larger sustainable revenue every month.


If you are a prominent social figure, or if you just like sharing and publishing content, miBoodle could be just the place for you. You can do what you enjoy doing, and earn some tokens (money) along the way. The miBoodle team is strong, which you can check on your own here. And they have already included powerful businesses and online brands as advertisers on their platform.

Useful links:


Whitepaper: miBoodle-White-Paper_Version-1.9.pdf



Bitcointalk username: butka

Bitcointalk profile link of contributor:;u=1938519

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Calfin Global Crypto Exchange (CGCX in short) is not just another classical crypto-exchange platform.

It is positioned as a hybrid platform that offers a huge variety of services to institutional investors, traders, and everyday users.

It has issued its own CGCX token on top of the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token with smart contract capabilities. A total of 2 billion tokens will be issued, with half of the supply being offered to the public in their ICO. The price of one CGCX token is 0.000117647 ETH.

The users of the CGCX exchange will be able to trade a large number of trading pairs, with focus on the ease of buying and selling cryptocurrencies as well as excellent user experience.

The CGCX token will have a real utility value which, given the limited supply, will increase its value as time goes by. The token will also serve as a means of voting on the altcoin listing, while holders of the token will have the benefits of lower exchange fees.

Unique Features

Unlike many current exchanges which are totally nontransparent when it comes to new crypto inclusions, CGCX will be fully transparent via their Alt Token Listing.

The alt token listing will be a transparent process of voting for future tokens to be included on the exchange. Auditing firms and cryptocurrency experts will suggest valuable tokens and crypto-currencies and users and holders of CGCX coins will vote for their favorites.

A special emphasis will be put on the stability and scalability of CGCX. With more than one million simultaneous orders per second, the capacity of this exchange will be really complementary.

Another important aspect of this exchange is their Merchant Solutions. This is a service offered to online merchants that can start accepting payments in cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin BTC, ethereum ETH, CGCX token, and others, with a few easy steps. For that, CGCX has provided web and mobile apps. It is available both for IOS and Android mobile operating systems.

The CGCX platform is going to have a liquid, populated, dynamic order book across all their digital asset. This will enable easily entering and exiting for all traders.

Behind this platform there is a strong team of experts and developers. The CEO is Anandh Swami, a tech expert and veteran fund manager with extended experience in this field.

Calfin Global Crypto Exchange has already established strong links with potential partners, such as: Calfin Capital, Brandshark, Zibbit Labs, Calfin Fintex, Foxtail Marketing, CrowdCreate, ROQ Crypto, and others.

Check out their Frequently Asked Questions with excellent tips and explanations on many possible dilemmas and topics.

Useful links:


Whitepaper:  CGCX-Lightpaper-new.pdf


ANN thread:

Facebook:  CGCXofficial


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SKYFchain is a unique platform in the cryptocurrency world.

It is is the first blockchain based system that connects Businesses on one side, and Robots on the other. It is oriented toward unmanned cargo robotics, especially airborne cargo robots – SKYF drones.

Cargo logistics is a complex industry that currently very much relies on the human factor. But the future definitely lies in the domain of unmanned logistics. In order for such a system to be effective, it is necessary to eliminate the mediators, which in some cases can be numerous.

Blockchain technology is ideal to deal with this problem. By its very nature, it makes the whole process mediator free, and many times more efficient.

This platform will utilize SKYFT tokens, special ERC20 type tokens that run on top of the Ethereum Blockchain (in the first phase). SKYFchain will release a total of 1,200,000,000 tokens, which will help facilitate transactions on the blockchain. As ERC20 coins, they can be freely traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.

For the future investors, it is important to know that SKYFT tokens follow the SEC rules and are SEC compliant. Moreover, the SKYFchain team has submitted an application for exemption of their tokens as securities to the SEC.

SKYFT token holders will have a possibility to earn 25% commission from the transactions on the blockchain.

In addition, as the platform grows, more and more participants are expected to enter the network. Given that the number of tokens is fixed, this ensures that the value of the SKYFT tokens will increase in time, proportionally with the system growth.

The main token sale has already started. You can click on the link below if you want to get some SKYFT tokens:

The SKYFchain blockchain is an immutable public ledger that will store all events that happen between cargo robots and the supply chain. All interaction on the blockchain will happen in the form of smart contracts, which ensures that there is no need for intermediaries or additional third parties.

The second phase will require creating a private permissioned blockchain (either by forking the ETH network or by switching to a new blockchain), as opposed to the public Ethereum network. This is necessary to improve scalability and efficiency.

The first autonomous robots are already set to be used on this platform. The SKYF cargo robot is an autonomous drone capable of carrying load of 400 kg and having a range of 350 km. SKYF robots will use the blockchain on behalf of various logistics companies world wide. By the end of 2018, the number of drones in operation will be 10, only to increase to 4600 by 2022.

SKYFchain has a great team of experts, with Alexander Timofeev, from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Latvian State University in Physics, as their founder and CEO. For more details check out their whitepaper here.

The company has already strong links with other companies in the logistics industry, like Syngenta AG, Avgust Crop Protection, Rusagro Group, Prodimex Group, NGK Slavneft, Pony Express, and others.


With a unique idea to combine drone technology and blockchain networking, SKYFchain is a very promising new platform. As with any new ICO, it remains to be seen what the rate of development is going to be. SKYFchain has a great team of developers and experts, which represents a solid foundation for growth and realization of the projected goals.

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ANN thread:

Facebook:  SKYFchain


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Out of all cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets circulating today, only a handful have promising, real life usability. The gaming industry is certainly one of the industries where cryptocurrencies can serve as utility tokens with real life applications.

Meet GLN ICO. GLN stands form Game Loot Network™. Their aim is to revolutionize and improve the entire gaming experience by using the decentralization properties of the Blockchain technology. They aim to do that both for the developers and for the gamers at the same time.

The image below shows the projection of the gaming market from 2016 to 2020.

The Platform

Their platform will provide benefits for the developers to test and build their games much easier and raise funds.

The users of the platform can play and download games, and in addition can earn money (coins) while doing that. They can also decide to become curators and invest certain capital in LOOT coins, which they can later receive back in the form of recurring revenue.

The Ecosystem

By means of the native token, the users of this platform (among the other things) will be able to

  • play tournaments,
  • download games,
  • purchase various accessories in the games they play,
  • generate additional revenue,
  • take part on auctions, and
  • crowdfund the development of new games.

Check out the video below to familiarize yourself with the GLN rewards system:

The mechanism that will take care of the entire ecosystem is called “smart contracts“. The smart contracts will run on the Ethereum blockchain. Why is this important? The usage of blockchain technology, via the smart contracts, eliminates the need of intermediaries and reduce the unnecessary costs. All participants on the network are automatically rewarded based on these digital contracts without the need to trust any of the parties involved.

The Token

The utility token implemented on the platform’s blockchain is LOOT. It is a decentralized form of currency that can be used on the platform or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

As it is also the case with other forms of digital coins, LOOT is designed to be accessed via a password protected wallet. The wallet serves as an interface for using the private key, which enables control over the stored LOOT tokens.

The Roadmap

According to the roadmap, the first version of the virtual world based on the Game Loot Network™ platform will appear August 1st, along with games available for download. By the beginning of November this year, the developers will be able to submit their proposals for new game projects. The users can then choose from among these project and decide whether they would like to fund the developers teams with LOOT tokens in exchange for recurring revenue. The entire 2019. will be reserved for large scale promotion and growing the entire community.

Check out the full roadmap below:

The Team

The team is a very important aspect of every new project that involves cryptocurrencies. Without a good team, it’s not even worth discussing the future value of the project.

And the team involved in the Game Loot Network™ platform is really superb. You can check the biographies of the members of the team in the GLN white paper.

The ICO Details

The public phase of the ICO opens on May 29th and will last for 230 days. The total LOOT supply will be 600 million. So if you haven’t yet considered LOOT as a worthy investment, think again. Chances are the blockchain technology will find one of its earliest real-life application in the gaming industry. And Game Loot Network™ seems to be at the forefront of it all.

The Bottom Line

All in all, if you are just interested in gaming (as a developer or user), GLN ICO is something you should definitely check out and join their Token Sale.

If you are an investor, LOOT is not just another ICO coin you buy and wait to dump after some initial gain. LOOT comes with a usability and functionality in mind. This is one of those coins that you HODL for the long run.

Useful Links


Whitepaper: gameloot-whitepaper






Bitcointalk profile link of contributor:;u=1938519

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This is a post about Truegame, an online gaming solution based on blockchain technology.

First thing when considering a potential new coin, is to take a look at the white paper.

So I did, and you can do that too. It’s here:

Should I say, it appeared to a be a well written professional document. In the following we will see what are the main features and advantages of this token.

What TrueGame aims to solve the trust issues present in the online gaming industry. If one can use blockchain technology to solve the trust problem and put the gamers’ minds at ease, they would be able to better concentrate on their game.

TrueGame is exactly what makes this possible. Here is how.


  1. TrueGame does so by using smart contracts on top of the blockchain. The trust is displaced into the blockchain algorithm, which is infallible when it comes to enforcing the terms of the agreement. No middlemen are needed, nor does one need third party intermediaries. The project is open source, so you can check it on your own to ensure there are no back doors or other non-transparent parts.
  2. Players no longer have to trust the game manager blindly.
  3. The randomness is also enforced by this technology, making sure that only truly random numbers are drawn, void of any manipulation.
  4. All transactions are recorder to the public ledger of the blockchain, ensuring total transparency.
  5. The blockchain enables much more security. There is no central ledger that can be easily hacked, manipulated, or changed. The ledger is now decentralized, making it virtually impossible for anyone to interfere.

There are some games that already run on their platform. See the image below:

There are also some lotteries, as well as a number of games in a preparatory phase.

This proves the applicability and real use-case of TrueGame, which presently are virtually non-existent in the majority of other block chain-solutions.

Some of the benefits of this system include:

TrueGame is already a stable working product Here are some advantages over the other solutions of this type.

  1. Strong development team.
  2. Ready to accept a wider audience.
  3. Potential for rapid growth.
  4. Unique architecture, design, and content.
  5. Only scratchcards solution based on blockchain smart contracts so far in the world.

What lies ahead are deposits in fiat money and crypto-currencies (DASH, Litecoin, DOGE and others), expanding the game pool, mobile applications, and eventually exchange listings for their TGAME token.

The Team

The Team is probably one of the most important aspect of any blockchain solution. The team of developers and advisers behind TrueGame is really fantastic. I suggest you visit their website and check the people involved in this project.


TGAME is the corresponding token which runs the TrueGame platform. It is used in a form of deposit to bet and play games. It ensures the transparency of the games.

The main sale is live now and you can join the ICO. You can visit their website and buy your TGAME by clicking on the link below now:


I’m not a gamer myself, but if you are an investor, of if you like playing games, this is one token worth considering. It trumps any other similar token in this industry in every respect. If you are not convinced by now, check this chart:

The iGaming industry has always been an early adopter of any new technology. Blockchain technology is no exception. We think Truegame is one of the frontrunners that can easily scale their project and capture a large portion of the gaming market.

Useful Links


Whitepapper: whitepaper_en.pdf

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